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Learn to play stringed instruments

Michael Stadler says:

I took up music at the age of six. Instead of the fiddle or guitar I wanted, I was given an accordion. The reason for this, however, was a good one: the best teacher of kids in my home town taught only accordion.  Still, a broken arm at age eight gave me the escape I craved and eventually set free my life-long affinity for strings.

While I have played professionally for more than forty years, I have also taught for more than thirty such things as:

I've taught private students & classes. Private lessons are in the home, mine or yours or on Zoom. I teach classes in schools and at festivals and music camps. I also offer workshops and group classes in private homes, most often followed by house concerts.

I have taught at the Strawberry Music Festival,  California Coast Music Camp & Fiddle Kids.

Painting: John Derkert
Photographer: Mike Melnyk

A 10-Day Improvement Plan

Fret Hand Exercise: All plucked instruments.
Download the pdf lesson.

Clawhammer Guitar Basics

Adapted from Clawhammer Guitar Workshops offered by Michael Stadler Download the pdf lesson.